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    Do you perhaps know, why psychostats stopped tracking my activity on that server?
    I've played for example yesterday, and today, but not acording to psychostats. It stopped counting my activity, hours played, wins I've achieved...

    Any solution?


    FireShot Capture 43 - PsychoStats - Player Stats - http___www.ibisgaming.com_gg_stats_index.php.png

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    It's apparently acting weird.
    I just checked 4 people who are currently playing, and who also have been in for near an hour, 1 was also not shown to have played on the server today.
    While checking those who had less than 20 minutes in this session, 2/3 were also not shown as having played today.

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    Looking into it.

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    Any luck?

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    Yea the changes I made yesterday appear to be resulting in all the data being read in correctly now.

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    Ok, because i played a game earlier, but stats are unchanged. Maybe psychostats runs with more than one player. I'll try in the evening, if I'll be free, and let you know

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    Once the map changes and about 10min passes the stats from the previous map should appear.

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    From ZERO to hero in a matter of minutes!

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    Yes, it is working again. Thank you ZERO

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