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Thread: Happiness abuse of admin

  1. Default Happiness abuse of admin

    Admin's INGAME name: Happinessc|T
    You're INGAME name: Thesaltyseacaptain
    Server: NS Server
    Map: ns2_veil
    Date & Time: 10:50 Mountain time December 19 2018

    I am tired of getting constant dm's of Happinessc|T kicking and gag players at seemingly randomly. Reports like this I get about once a week.
    Joined mid game to the team opposite to him
    kept whining in chat
    at the end of game my team won and he kicked me
    reason was "AFK" and I was moving around and talking

    Sequence of events:

    Autoc|T a ns2 play tester at tear 5 player (2889 hive) late joined The Alien team mid way through a game on veil. Happinessc|T then proceeded to barrage him with spam in the game chat. Just before the Alien team won the round he was kicked by Happinessc|T. For the reason of being afk.

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    Thanks for bringing this up.
    Zero is the guy who takes care of abuse in NS server. If this isn't taken care of by the end of next week, i'll PM zero about it.
    Holiday's gets hectic for lot of people.

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