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Thread: Titel: HackG 01.19.2019 18:49 STEAM_0:1:2688239

  1. Default Titel: HackG 01.19.2019 18:49 STEAM_0:1:2688239

    Name in Game: HackG
    Steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:2688239
    Where: NS2
    Previous Bans: None
    Reason to ban: flaming, insulting, false kicking

    He was flaming the Comm when I asked him "is crying your hobby or is it your profession as well?"
    He started a Vote kick claming i was trolling. When I explained the situation in all chat he told me to shut up and called me a "Jewgasser".
    After that he started vote kicks till the end of the game, which did not succeed.
    I Attached pictures of the chat as well as the scoreboard as the Demos had last updated on the 26.09.18, I hope that is ok.


  2. Default

    In the future please get a screenshot of the console with the output of sh_status so that we can validate the steam id.

    BTW, what demos were you looking at? There is no server side demo recording in NS2 (unfortunately, as I would love to have this if they added it to the game)

    If this is who I think it is, I have seen issues with this player before.

  3. Default

    I was looking at the demo link for the CS servers I think, got kind of confused with difference instructions, next time I`ll remember to screenshot the Console. Thanks for taking your time checking on these kind of things.

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