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Thread: p1 | 02-26-2019 | 19:40 EST | STEAM_0:1:210304040

  1. Default p1 | 02-26-2019 | 19:40 EST | STEAM_0:1:210304040

    Name in Game: p1
    Steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:210304040
    Where: CSS GG Server
    Link to any previous bans: N/A
    Reason to perma ban: aimbot
    Note: p1.dem is longer but p1_1.dem has the steam_id in console

    my name a jebby

  2. Default

    Thanks for reporting this jebby,
    I found and uploaded the full demo to sourcebans.
    Joins near tick 46,000 and immediately upside down and aimbotting.
    /Perma'd and /closed

    Thanks again for the tip jebby!

    link to ban:

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