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Thread: Hello rawrr it appears that you have not posted on our forums in several weeks...

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    Sup in 5 characters or more
    Quote Originally Posted by maynard View Post
    thx for all the opinions and advice ppl... aside from rage lol.
    Quote Originally Posted by ZERO
    Think of the reserved slot as a vip ticket to the club. You get to go past the line and kick someone out of the club so you can get in. However if on your way to the club some fat ass gets stuck in the door when the bouncer goes to check him then you got to wait for the fire department to cut his fat ass out of the door before you can get in.

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    New phone, who dis

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    Quote Originally Posted by phil.™ View Post
    New phone, who dis
    Dat ass

    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfenstinger View Post
    Attachment 10904

    I've been inactive for "several" weeks myself. What's it like to have this notification disappear? I forget... it's been so long...
    How'd that work for you? lol
    Jiggy: yeah i fuckin hate retardes
    Spasm iBiS.A: can you do that brit?
    (NPC)Britney<3: o.o

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