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Thread: Ibis gungame dead?

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    Sup guys, checking in...really sad and unfortunate with what happened to the server. I miss you guys!

    Haven't seen many people on for awhile; last time is when dyn-o-mite hit me up when there was 5-6 on each team. I don't know if its just my time zone but now I just see bots when im able to log on

    Haven't played GG since

  2. Default It's all your fault.

    I blame Rawr ... always playing Rainbow 6 ... what the actual fuck?

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    Hey now, i havent played that game in a while, and when i did play it was only on occasion. I havent played any games in a while. When i do want to play a game no one is on counter strike

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    I have it set so that there is at least 3v3 for seeding. So it should be 2 bots on your team and 3 bots on the other team if you play on the server when it is empty.

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    This makes me think of ibis now. Sad

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    I am thinking that it might be best to shorten up the map rotation to just a core of really good classic maps. At least this will ensure that we are only bothering with the most popular options when we do have people on. apps

    cartoon hd
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    Servers are finally Dead or Gone. R.I.P IBIS <3 2022

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    I think it really did. Now MMORPGs are the trend. Have you heard the news that Diablo 4 is gonna release soon?

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