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Thread: The end of Ta and the future of ibis on ns2

  1. Default The end of Ta and the future of ibis on ns2

    With the shutdown of the ta servers effective August 4th, will ibis expand to take in the new players, will we remain the same, or something else entirely. The original post from Ta Red

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    How many pub servers did they run? I will need to add at least 1 new pub server so that there is enough servers for all the players.

    Also did they run any mod servers, I may start some mod servers as well.

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    They Ran 5 (standard) 10v10 servers one of which ran the balance mod for the next game patch. They also ran 1 "Arcade" server running 10v10 with the captains mod (min hive 1000). Any of these servers could have comp mod loaded for the nsl if need be.

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