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Thread: Uwe deosnt want servers anymore.

  1. Default Uwe deosnt want servers anymore.

    Ta is gone and ibis is no longer ranked. The ns2 player base is the lowest it has ever been. Four months ago being the highest it was in years. Uwe in an attempt to solve "server balance problems" has destroyed many of the games biggest communities. With ibis gone the "normal ns2 community" will be exposed to the rookie wave that ibis helps alleviate from the other servers. I do think that this will be fun to watch the game crash and burn in the next few weeks.

    edit tldr the devs are cracking down on reserved slots and the game is on its way out.
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    FYI the ranking was removed because I was afk in the server all the time.

    What about reserved slots?

    Other than the arbitrary lowering of player slots and not having a carve out for reserved slot I am not aware of any new changes? Are they planning something else?

    I have sent a pm requesting to be added back to the whitelist and that I will no longer afk in the server.

    I hope to launch another ranked server along with an unranked server when I return from Japan to fill the gap in servers from TA being shut down. I wanted to do this before I left but was too busy.

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    The devs (balance team) seem to be in constant debate over reserved slots and how they can allow 10v8 games. Judging by how the balance team is reacting to the communities witch hunt of reserved slots and how the most vocal anti reserved slot players are on the balance team i don't expect them to be allowed forever nor are they popular (with the community) at all (but idk how else the server could generate revenue). Having a fast queue from spec slots to player slots is popular at this time and the community wont boycott servers that do that.

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    Although we have reserved slots I have not often seen games largely effected by them. Usually when a player joins with a reserved slot late they are joining a game that is already part way though the game.

    The impact of a single player on game balance should not be large enough to matter when the server is nearly full. If your telling me that the game is imbalanced any time there is an odd number of players then it must logically follow that the game is in a constant state of imbalance whenever the server is not full.

    Therefore the logical solution would not be to limit reserved slots but to instead make it so that players can only join teams at the start of a game and thereafter they are randomly assigned on join as a pair via skill balance. This is unless the teams themselves are in an imbalanced state when a player joins in which case that player is automatically assigned to the team that is down a player.

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    Servers are now whitelisted again.

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