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Thread: Non Fuctional zmod maps that should be removed

  1. Default Non Fuctional zmod maps that should be removed

    Since Jigsaw is actually adding maps to the zmod I thought it was about time that we started a thread about the maps that don't work that should be removed to free up some space for the new ones.

    dotd_crookcounty - one of the earliest maps made for zmod built around the classic zombie class and probably a no reload server, hardly anything moves so theres nothing to cade with, last played 6/06/09 - note: added 4 years ago to fps

    ze_italian_escape_final - just a bad map with a pizza, useless boats, bad graphics and a glitchy helicopter, last played 6/25/09

    zm_city_graveyard - the only bit of this map worth keeping is the music, Michael Jackson's - thrillers isplaying in the back ground, its niether a cading map or an escape map, but god it would make an AWESOME gungame map

    ze_rooftop_runaway_extended_v6 - we've already got the version of this map that works, the helicopter deosn't even make it in time, killing all of its ocupants when the nuke goes off

    abandoned_projectsv01 - a dark map that we hardly ever play last played 6/14/09

    zm_retard - the designer used the wrong cading objects so even though it looks like you could cade the areas provided in the maps, you can't

    zm_bio_fear - a blue mess of a map, with no real cading spots, last played 6/25/09

    zm_base_day - no cading spots and its not an escape, last played 6/27/09<br

    zm_concrete_final - all you can do is hide in the raptors, nothing else and the maps too confusing to navigate, last played 6/28/09

    ghs_lila_blue_town - first map we played on the new server a few days ago, theres no real place to cade on the map, the doors are too large to restrict the zombies from jumping over the cades, last played 6/25/09;posts_page=2

    zh_weapons_lab - random zombie spawning places, no cading spots, all you do is sit in the middle and wait to be slaughtered, last played 6/09/09

    ze_turokbase_beta2 - a really big unfocused map covered in fog,
    I have yet to see anyone reach the end of the map, let alone actually escape, last played 6/26/09

    zm_bphx_reactor_v5_1 - brown mess of a map, very easy to get lost in, hardly ever played for that reason, last played 6/28/09

    ze_escape_the_eye - a nice looking map with no end and nowhere to cade, last played 6/28/09

    by the way Jigsaw and Zero when I try and add a file like a demo to these posts it doesn't work, I cant upload anything from my computer to these forums even images for my avatar.
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    Try using megaupload or rapidshare to upload and post a demo here.

    ze_rooftop_runaway_extended_v6 - Should not be removed because it was intended to be that way. You have to jump on the back of the helicopter or go into the door that opens.

    I agree with Kavinsky on all the other maps however.

    Maps that should also be removed:
    ze_elevator_escape_v4 - We have v6.
    ze_hospital_escape_b1a - Everyone just crowds into one room and lives or dies.
    The versions of boat escape that are not in the Nominate list.
    zm_cliffside_horror_v2c - full of fail, It doesn't even deserve my ranting time.
    zm_doomlike_station_v2 - no where to go except one place.
    zm_hangum_high - add this to the RPG server, it would be awesome.

    The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.

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    well kavinsky some of those maps are lame your right but some of them i think are good too and so does others! I think we should get everyones opinion on what maps to get rid of, so everyone is happy!

    btw i seriously think that all those office maps are just "Horrible" and should be removed Immediently!!!!

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    It would help if you named which ones people think should stay and go, getcha.

    Though I agree about the office ones.

    The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.

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    Back of the helicopter? I've never knowingly seen anyone do that on rooftop extended and survive James.

    Getcha it looks like almost all of the office maps have been removed from fpsbana and without a visual reference I can't remember which ones are shit and which ones aren't, hence why there not on the list

    Just to give everyone an idea of why I need a visual reference for the office maps look how many we have here.


    and I probably missed two or three.

    I figured that there would be a few here that like zm_doomlike_station.
    But to be honest it really is a waste of server space, the doorways are far too big to keep the zombies out so it turns into a gloomy match of hide and seek real fast

    Oh I forgot one
    ze_icecave_escape_fixed - a funcional but bad escape map that ussually ends in a clusterfuck of people stuck in a crawlway crouched, or in the one and only one teleport exit refusing to ztele, then once there killed by the nuke they begin typing rtv and beging the admin to change the map.
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    Nooooooooooooo don't remove them we need those for bad map Thursday.

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    FUCK bad map thursday, fuck bad map and mic spamming whatever, this is not a god damn fucking breakfast place. This is a zmod server that has a load of old boring disruptive unfun maps (and no mute feature) that as a result of that is driving away alot of good players and old regulars that used to make this place a blast to play on.

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    yea but can we keep some at least

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    There are still plenty around that are not on this list, this list is comprised of the very worst maps, starting off with one from 4 years ago that should have been removed about 3 years 6 months ago, I made a point to not list the escape maps that I truly loathe here like on the other threads I've posted about this matter, these really are the ones that do nothing for this server, not just the ones I hate.

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    yay good to know at least we still have bad maps to play on

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