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    Posting here because this has the most recent active thread.

    Hello everyone! It's been a while. I've been busy dumping money into starcraft and beating the entire trilogy. I'd like to come back and I'm sure you would love to have my fluffy self to distribute plumage to everyone. I've been making my downydown payments to the server even though I haven't been playing.

    One problem though...

    I can't join! Everytime I try to join I get "missing required mod" What is this delicious mysterious mod I am missing? Please help me fix this issue.bughelp.jpgbughelp.jpg
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    Run repair game.exe it is in your ns2 folder under x64. If that does not work then put %appdata% into your file search bar click on natural selection 2 then workshop and delete everything in the folder. If you have done both of the prior then verify your filed with steam.

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    Sadly, all these things failed. I've also uninstalled/reinstalled. I've tried changing my download region in steam to a few others and no luck. Also cleared download cache in steam. Can you tell me the mods that are needed so I can manually downy download them? Also any additional troubleshooting steps would be GR8
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    Have you tried to reformat?

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    sorry for the late reply. No it was macafee built into the router and I turned it off.

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