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Thread: Ban appeal to just commanding on NS2

  1. Default Ban appeal to just commanding on NS2

    Twitch highlight is just for those who wish to see the concede count go up and I was sick and tired of wasting time. Whole vod is there to see the I was doing things just normally until we were literally wasting time delaying a lost game.

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    Watched the video and that is completely allowed. You should not be banned from the chair and I have unbanned you.

    Also let this post serve as a reminder that a commander can recycle the IPs when the game is over. That game was clearly over.

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    Thank you for being logical and seeing how out classed my/our teams infantry was. As well as when we got down to one concede vote needed right before I got kicked but people like Finnbarr wanted to be "that guy" and not vote to carry on the next game, but past that I probably won't be on my account again(Forums account).

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