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    Someone just reset the map after a fast hive drop was killed and then muted me after I said it was admin abuse. Poor show.

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    It was Dash and now he says I am lying. Bullshit.

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    Dash here.

    Firstly I'll repeat here as I said on the server, I was pissed and in the wrong when I swapped the map. No problem admitting that. We'd just reset 9 times in a row because of trolls on the opposing team and the following match (not even a minute in) the marine team decided to ignore the commander, ignore a hive drop, and troll around throwing the match on purpose because they thought it was amusing. I have limited time to play, and that is a waste of everybody's time. When people screw around like that its best to have a speedy reset that way the server doesn't die.

    You were muted (until map change) along with one other person after being asked twice in voice chat to drop the subject and just play the game. Riling people up and causing drama for those that DO give a shit about Ibis servers and have been around for years is frankly in poor taste. I understand you support through the reserve slot purchase as well, but that's bullshit man. No reason to stir up hate against me and try and ruin the limited time myself and others have to enjoy NS2.

    There's been a trend of bashing going on, generally directed at either myself or Jonval when there's any usage of admin commands whatsoever (setteam, muting people like Smickle etc) and it always devolves into intermittent bitching for hours on end. More commonly, I see people catching flak for utilising their reserve slot obtained by supporting the server when it causes the teams to be unbalanced. I know that servers are expensive as fuck and neither you nor anybody else deserves ANY grief for utilising their perks received from donations. I can and WILL temporarily mute people in those circumstances because it always drags on and ruins the experience for other players. If I wanted cancer games I'd go play on DMD.

    I've forced a map switch maybe twice in two years (which is a perk I specifically pay for) and only mute or kick for harassment in either voice or text chat, or trolling that affects the gameplay for everyone else. Its a rarity.

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    I came in after the fact and I can't say one way or the other so I have to just go with what Dash says.

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