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Thread: READ THIS! How to report Abuse

  1. Exclamation READ THIS! How to report Abuse

    From this day, all abuse reports must be formatted and contain the following information:

    Admin's INGAME name:
    You're INGAME name:
    Date & Time:

    How did he/she abuse (See TOS):

    Proof (Proof is NEEDED in order to report abuse, if the abuse contains admin commands and chat only a date and time is needed; however, a screen shot or console copy is helpful):

    Example post:
    Admin's INGAME name: JohnDoe<ibis.a>
    You're INGAME name:: JigSaW
    Server: Pub
    Map: de_dust2
    Date & Time: MM/DD/YY HH:MM EST!

    How did he/she abuse: I was banned permanently for playing music over the mic!!

    Proof: I was banned at 2:49 EST on 5/08
    All posts that have nothing to do with the abuse, will be moderated. (This includes replys)
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    Live or die, make your choice.

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    Bump. You MUST have proof in order to post, and IN THIS FORMAT to make it easier and resolved faster.

    Live or die, make your choice.

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    Updated to include additional information that makes reviewing faster:
    Date & Time:

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    Updated to remind users to post the TIME IN EST

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