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Thread: Maps that should be added to zmod

  1. Default Maps that should be added to zmod

    Okay since we're actually getting the really bad maps removed from zmod now we might as well start a thread about what maps should replace them.

    After going through abou half of fpsbanna maps (33 pages in to be precise) here are the ones that I think might work here.

    ze_river_escape_v3 - played it on a no reload server, a little custerfucking here and there but not enough to slow everyone down

    zm_city17 - played it on a german server, even with the jumpers it'll be hard to get people on the roof and theres atleast 3 cading spots that work on it

    zm_house_outbreak - played on another server, a blast to play



    zm tower of resistance v4

    ze_winter - it just looks cool


    zm_suburbs_b3 - this one looks great but could be shit since theres no shots of any cading spots











    by the way can you replace the music of zmod with something more atmospherically zmod like, IE: the soundtrack from a zombie film or zombie game like left 4 dead or 28 weeks latter or hell anything done by john murphy. the music of hl2 just doesn't cut it for zmod

    and when you get the old zombie vision working again can you make it so the vains about a 1/5 of an inch big all around the screen without a red tint? the flash alone is enough to tell that particular player that he has become the first zombie, we dont need to blind him with large vains all over his screen with a blinding red tint

    one last thing the gore levels abit too much, it was fine where it was.
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    awesome, thanks.
    I'll get around to adding them soon.

    Live or die, make your choice.

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    ty kavinsky i wonder if we can make thriller for some music in the server lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by JigSaW View Post
    awesome, thanks.
    I'll get around to adding them soon.
    Kevin is awesome.

    So dedicated.


    Thatís the funny thing about trolls: They love to do something horrible, then accuse you of doing something horrible when you call them on it.

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    gah dont use my real name here please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kavinsky View Post
    gah dont use my real name here please.

    I've known you forever and never knew your name was kevin

    WHATS going on here?

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    anyone know of another place besides fpsbanna where we can get new zm maps? there selection ain't exactly top quality.

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    No please no! No left 4 dead music!

    The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.

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    I added the maps:

    Some of thoes maps had broken links and others we already had and removed from the list for one reason or another.

    Maps that I couldnt get download link:

    Live or die, make your choice.

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    alright, no left 4 dead music, how about we get the old zmod theme back them?
    I dont get why he changed it in the first place, all he needed to do was turn it down a little.

    with the maps though I guess we'll just have to wait till they get some new download links, fpsbanna can be retarded like that sometimes.
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