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    Alright HOLYSHIT i owe u an apology. my bad for calling u littleshit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ninja View Post
    Alright HOLYSHIT i owe u an apology. my bad for calling u littleshit.
    you got a 2 hour ban and I call you the littleshit i believe...

    You were first disrespecting me by ingorning me when i ask you to get ibis out of your name then you kept moaning and crying that why does it matter, and i said it's the rules if you are not a clan member or an admin. I told you if it's not out of the name by the end of the round i was going to kick you. You then change your name to lbis and said there i change it. You don't have to be an ass hole, you could of jsut took the ibis completely out of your name but you had to be anoying and be a dick so i ban you for 2 hours. Go take a shower, eat, watch some T.V then come back and you should be unban...

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    I heard both sides in Steam chat.

    Fair ban.

    It's great playing with both of you. Keep it clean.

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    alright so we cool right?

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    cool as walter.

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    I would have banned him for a day.
    -The enemy of my enemy is my friend-

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    i would permaban him.. then burn down his house

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