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Thread: STEAM_0:1:1767207 Phalanx <ibis>

  1. Default STEAM_0:1:1767207 Phalanx <ibis>

    Name: Phalanx <ibis>
    Steam: STEAM_0:1:1767207
    Exploit: aim bot and no recoil

    He was getting some amazing hit and not even aimed at them.

    sb_status was typed in both around the middle of the first one and the beginning of the second one.
    This one is in temple map not to great.
    This one is in Italy and there is alot of proof.
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    I can attest to the aimbotting of the player in question. What's funny is that when it's off he's god awful in aiming. However when it's turned on, it's instant headshot no matter how close you are at taking him out.

    In the italy demo it's most clear that he's using an aimbot and other hacks to gain advantage.

    Another example is being point blank with a p90 and still not being able to damage him one bit while he is using an ak getting only headshots (can tell by the sound)

    mind you this is RPG server so there are some stat buffs. But the demos are clear evidence imho.

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    I've played with him and witnessed this myself.

    Isn't he an IBIS clan member?

    The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.

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    Yeah fuck that shit. He had it on and was nailin headshots left and right from long distances and when he turned it off, I won't say he sucked but there was definately a drop in his "abilities". Shit was crazy. I never had a problem with him but it just seems too obvious he's got a bot.

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    I don't see it in the first demo.

    The only real questionable spot was the para firing at around 1800 if you use SHIFT+F2. Goto 1800, slow down to 30-40% speed and watch him fire at me and Lukey. The fire on Lukey being the oddest, with the mouse jittering a bit in a tight group.

    Rest of the time, he was using AK a lot, and AKs are infamous for easy headshots.

    The second demo has a lot more questionable spots, and I stopped at a point because it became consistent but here are some frames to put into SHIFT+F2.


    He has recoil and not using an aimbot per-say, but his cross-hairs go down with the spread so his shots are still going towards the person. It's a little too even and controlled, and wasn't happening on the previous map (except during the para incident mentioned above). In fact, it doesn't happen on Italy until around 16000 when he pauses several times at the start of a round.

    Could be an anti-recoil script. Doesn't stop the recoil but pitches down your cross-hairs on consecutive shots to send the bullets to the same general area. I've seen them before back in my pub days 3-4 years ago. Horndog's is the most used.

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    I saw him stop moving after gunfights and then start moving, and its like he turned the aimbot off. Then there was a couple times I followed him around and he gave himself an extra Hgernade in the very beginning of the match when there was no dead bodies around and not in our base. Unless you can carry 2 at once.

    The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.

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    after viewing i would say he is definenetly using recoil hacks by slowing it down and looking at it. For aim bot i'm still 50/50 i can't tell if it is or not.

    Phalanx a bad boy.

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    About time someone got a demo of this. Steambans!!!

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    scripts aren't illegal its just frowed upon :\ <<<<<<<< hell i use the auto pistol script.. because I seriously do not want to break my 50 Dollar mouse..

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    Scripts are for fags.

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