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Thread: haxing is going on

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    today i got a link from getcha saying a link for free stuff then i told hobo about it and soon i realised some sad phishing website was trying to phis our community so beware of this link don't click it what ever you do don't click on it i hope getcha and inthebutt get their accounts back
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    Hopefully people read this so I don't have to make a new thread.

    InTheButt has been hacked on his Steam account I think. I got a message from him that didn't sound like him or was his style of typing, leading to a site where they wanted my Steam ID and password. Don't click it. Don't give it anything.

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    yes my account got hacked, don't know how or who or when.

    But I've already blocked all communications with everyone on my steam and submitted my account to steam support.

    now I know how hobo felt lol
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    Server rules
    How to report admin abuse
    How to find hackers

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    "hurr durr steam update lolz"

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