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Thread: Insanity/unamed

  1. Default Insanity/unamed

    I was on the pub server. I was banned for 5 minutes by Uncle june which i accept the punishment for.

    When i was unbanned i joined as the name Unamed.
    I thought it would be fun because whenever anyone with that name joins everyone tries to name them. Baring that in mind i thought it would be fun.

    *DEAD* Unamed : guys!?!?!?
    *DEAD* Unamed : hello!
    DeatH^ killed Monkey with a Gun with ak47.
    To view chat commands type !commands in chat
    *DEAD* snatch` : stfu
    Seq killed {K.O.C}-=Tkaway=- with tmp.
    *DEAD* [syG]Rev.M™ynard : hi...
    *DEAD* Unamed : is anyone there?
    *DEAD* snatch` : no
    *DEAD* Monkey with a Gun : no
    *DEAD* Unamed : ow hello rev. maynerd
    *DEAD* [syG]Rev.M™ynard : we're all bots
    FLIPmode killed pcg |^Fμяу! with ak47.
    *DEAD* [syG]Rev.M™ynard :
    Da EviL EmPiRe |ibis killed pcg |^ -Fx- with awp.
    *DEAD* Unamed : how are you?
    *DEAD* Unamed : tis a beautiful day
    *DEAD* [syG]Rev.M™ynard : good, and yourself?
    hotriceaa killed FLIPmode with m4a1.
    *DEAD* Unamed : im doing fine ol' chap
    *DEAD* [syG]Rev.M™ynard : actually its thundering
    *DEAD* Unamed : its sunny its 56 celsius here ducky
    *DEAD* pcg |^ -Fx- : not got a ps3 yet then? lol
    *DEAD* Unamed : you should come visit
    *DEAD* Naked Aggression : no good.
    *DEAD* [syG]Rev.M™ynard : ah canadian eh?
    *DEAD* pcg |^Fμяу! : tonight
    *DEAD* Naked Aggression : haha
    hotriceaa suicided.
    (ADMIN) UNCLE JUNE B-SQUAD KILLA <ibis>: slayed player hotriceaa
    hotriceaa killed himself!
    *DEAD* pcg |^ -Fx- : your gonna get one?
    *DEAD* pcg |^Fμяу! : ya
    *DEAD* Unamed : :P ha not really you see
    ETB: Terrorists have an advantage.
    pcg |^ -Fx- : lol
    hotriceaa : i rescued a hostage
    [Counter-Bet] Type the word '!bet' to place a bet.
    pcg |^ -Fx- : awesome
    [syG]Rev.M™ynard cheered!!!
    Unamed : whats life like in american land?
    *DEAD* Unamed : didnt see that chappy there
    *DEAD* Unamed : how is everybody todayeveryone lost betting against you.
    Unamed : if im offending anyone please tell me
    Unamed : i dont mean to be rude
    Weapon AWP Sniper rifle is restricted to 1 per team
    [syG]Rev.M™ynard cheered!!!
    DeatH^ : you're annoying me
    [Counter-Bet] Place your bets after you die.
    Unamed : sorry death
    Seq killed Naked Aggression with tmp.
    pcg |^ -Fx- killed snatch` with m4a1.
    Da EviL EmPiRe |ibis has a $600 Bounty started
    Da EviL EmPiRe |ibis killed hotriceaa with awp.
    Monkey with a Gun killed quickdraw with awp.
    DeatH^ killed pcg |^ -Fx- with ak47.
    Disconnect: Kicked and banned.
    Disconnect: Kicked and banned.

    Thats what happened. Can someone tell me what is going to happen?

    Thanks.. Insanity (STEAM_0:1:17175862)
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    It's amazing how you always manage to get yourself kicked and banned numerous times. Are you starting to notice a pattern ?

  3. Default

    The last time i was banned before this was by you.

    The problem doesn't matter anymore.

    Me and june sorted it out.

  4. Default

    i was the first 1 to spot this rotten egg...

  5. Default

    Thank you for such a nice comment whytboiz. Much appreciated.

  6. Default

    i'm pretty sure your only banned for a little while.

  7. Default y u play soooo goddamn much??????

    insanity, i bannedyou 3 times in 2 days wtf??? you continue to meow like a cat over the mic, scream like a bitch over the mic, and i dont even say anything about that, now you want to push my button and disrespect me over and over......i have asked you to stop and promised to ban you ass if you kept it up. i like you lil kid ass and enjoy playin on ibis with you, but now you have pissed me off!!!!! zero 7 days aint enough for this kid to be banned he needs like 3weeks... he likes ibis sooo much he just might learn....CAN I GET A AMAN FROM YOU GUYS IF YOU NO WHAT I MEAN ABOUT INSANITY????I DONT WANT HIM GONE 4 GOOD BUT HE NEEDS TO GO !!!!!! UNCLE JUNE....

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    AMEN !!!!!!!

    I feel your pain Uncle June. He never learns. I blame his age for his mischief.

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    i banned him a while back for the same shit, i was only like 2 hours orsomething. he doesn't shut up, he doesn't learn and his reasoning when i've personally askd him about it was because he likes to annoy us.

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    and haleloya for sum of you christians.

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