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Thread: Attn Getcha

  1. Default Attn Getcha

    Getcha change your password. You have been phished.

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    Getcha and InTheButt, you two blondes are hilarious.

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    Haha inthebutt got it too? hahaha.

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    i got the same message from getcha

    but the pitch sounded to good to be true so i knew it was bullshit from the get go.

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    A lot of hurr durr going on in ibis today.

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    oh snap!!! lawl im retarded i know shut up lol!!!! But uhhhh how come i got that message from inthebutt??????? And uhhh how do i get my account back?????? im lost this never happened to me!!!!!!! LoL HELP

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    change your password.

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    There ya go sugar tits, follow everything there and hopefully you'll be back within a few days possibly a week.

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    Be careful about blonde jokes, both zero and I have blonde hair. (VE ARE FROM ZE GERMAN REICH)

    Live or die, make your choice.

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    anyways, did you just give your password to someone getcha??
    Or did you login is to a pseudo steam site?

    Live or die, make your choice.

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