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Thread: A new star wars game

  1. Default A new star wars game

    a good rendered trailer

    but how you think its gonna be good or bad its an mmo remember

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    Eh, I'm a bit skeptical of every new MMO because the majority of them follow the same format at WoW.

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    Wow looks good but im not a mmorp type of dude.

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    Well, I'm probably the biggest Star Wars fan on IBIS, so... WHEEEEEEEEE!! I'm as giddy as a schoolgirl.

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    WoW follow's Everquest's format closely (zones and expansion packs). The only reason WoW did so well was because of timing. Four games were reaching saturation when it was released (Everquest, Asheron's Call, Lineage and Star Wars Galaxies), and a new generation of online players were arriving with cheaper video cards and broadband access. Blizzard also did a great job aiming the release towards the holidays as well and was the first to advertise on television.

    I really don't think MMORPGs will be worth a monthly cost until they take on a leveling format like Eve, where you can gain experience while offline, and perhaps allow you to control more than one character at a time inside the same client (sort of like an RTS). Or some sort of other value added feature that hasn't been dreamed up yet.

    I think features are the big draw for most online games. They can toss all the fancy cinematics they can render at you, but if it's just tetris with naked women, it's surprisingly not going to sell well.

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    heres some gameplay footage for you all imo the fighting looks much faster than that of wow and other mmorpg's

    skip to 3:24 for the good stuff

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    looks okay i guess i was a big fan of force unleashed

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    You got me excited with the gameplay footage. Thought it was something they didn't release on the website, just an old mash together of dev logs and stuff.

    Been following this for a while now, looking forward to it. Story-based class progression, full voice overs for the story, hoping it lives up to kotor.
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    Game looks pretty, but the areas still seem small or zoned. The combat doesn't seem anymore advanced than WoW, just a lot more animations.

    In the movie's info, there's a reference to "No grinding" in an article on Destructoid but no link. I'm assuming they mean this:

    But it doesn't specifically say there will be no grinding, only that your character's development depends heavily on the story line they pick.

    I think people get worked up by the hype and HOPE the game won't be what they hated in the last game, but it rarely happens. They'll be grinding and cheesy, repeatable combat.

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    Well I can't pay for monthly subscriptions anyways. So if I can't just buy the game and play, then I won't be buying it. I have star wars galaxies and I've never even played it (Except at a friend's house) because of that.

    The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.

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