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Thread: Whats you gaming setup?

  1. Default Whats you gaming setup?

    Heres mine, whats yours? O.o

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    imagine a laptop with a mouse with a internet router next to it thats all

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    Nothing to special.. getting close to an upgrade thats for sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Clone View Post
    Nothing to special.. getting close to an upgrade thats for sure.
    hahaha I love how your using your iTouch sticker to keep the disk tray closed.

    straight hood clone, straight hood.
    -The enemy of my enemy is my friend-

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    What are the specs on it clone, my fellow smoker?

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    Tower is shitty, but its got some pretty good accessories. Dual monitors like opened up the true potential of using a computer, seriously recommend it. Its about 3-4 years old though, so it should be replaced asap.
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    Nice, you play css with dual monitors?

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    I've got surround sound, state of the art computer, and a 12 year old IBM monitor baby.

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    Specs for my super awesome gaming system are....

    17" flat screen acer monitor
    intel duo core 2.2
    2 gigs of RAM
    700 watt power supply
    ONE 8600 GT Nvidia video card
    Sound blaster sound card
    one samsung 127G HD
    one unknown 232G HD
    one Broken DVD burner
    countless cables that just hang around
    one conventional fan that blows on the video card with the side of the case open
    one small fan on top

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