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Thread: Zombie idea

  1. Question Zombie idea

    Ok, I am aways looking for new models and settings to improve zombie mod.

    Recently I found this:

    I thought it would be cool to use as the deformed model and just change the current deformed model to the classic zombie or something like that.

    This model has full crawl animations and I think with deformeds high health and slow movement that this model is more logical.

    So what do you think is it a good idea?

  2. Default

    perosnally i like the current models and i think the deformed on looks good as it is, but then again im always up for something new, if its not to much hassle id say change it for a month and see what people think

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    check it out at:

    That is our 50 slot beta server. It should be opening tomorrow.

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    How about we add another class for that model?
    Like, we could give it little jump and fairly high speed

    Live or die, make your choice.

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    except that that is the inverse of the premise. that being that a crawling zombie is slow

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    nah, I like to think of crawling zombies to be fast because they have less the body weight and super arm strength

    Live or die, make your choice.

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    nope, the movies tell me if you blow the lower half of a zombie off, they will crawl towards you slowly.

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    I'd like a fast crawing zombie. It would funny as hell watching a bunch of crawling zombies in fast motion.

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    Put It In A Wheel Chair.

  10. Default

    how about a butt naked zombie?

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