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Thread: RPG mod... and the Noise

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    I wouldt be there but some one on my friend list told me there was a mic spammer. I went there gave a few warning this player was under the name "Unconencted" couldt use my admin menu, I had to use concel with the steam ID. But after I said Get Connected with a real name and stop spammer I banned the player, since was going on for 5 or more rounds. Racist music, funny music, and just all out spam was being spammed

    Perma ban (I duno how to do time ban in without the menu) for being unconected + mic spam

    Steam_id: STEAM_0:0:13459061
    Where: RPG Server
    When: 4:40 pm Cent time (5:40 eastern)


    This is my first perma ban, and I am sorry if i did it wrong x.x

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    i saw the mic spammer i was the one who told pink he was spamming music with the n word i was trying to have a bit of fun in rpg before it goes then this unconnected faggot ruins it gj pink justified banned i wouldn't had to bother you if i had a banned hammer god dammit you could ask other ppl on the server at that time

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    Good job for banning him/her. Anyone who is using the name unconnected is essentially hacking. So it's a good thing you banned a hacker.

    The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.

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