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Thread: Thought the website was down!?

  1. Default Thought the website was down!?

    I have head reports that some users could not see the website last night while other users had no problems at all. Interestingly enough I noticed strange sub domain issues with some popular large sites this morning. Soon after hearing about our site I found the cause:

    "ISC is reporting that a new, remotely exploitable vulnerability has been found in all versions of BIND 9. A specially crafted dynamic update packet will make BIND die with an assertion error. There is an exploit in the wild and there are no access control workarounds. RedHat claims that the exploit does not affect BIND servers that do not allow dynamic updates, but the ISC post refutes that. This is a high-priority vulnerability and DNS operators will want to upgrade BIND to the latest patch level."
    Just another batch of hacks on the internet. This exploit and a series of DDOS attacks on multiple DNS servers around the country/world likely caused a great deal of havoc on the internet all day yesterday.

    Luckily such large scale attacks on DNS servers as a result of exploits are rare and hopefully tomorrow everything will be running like normal.

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    Yeah, it wasn't working all night last night. Though it is now, obviously.

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    I have been having trouble getting on the last few days. I still cannot access the forums by typing It tells me the page cannot be displayed. I have to go through and click on the forums tab. Its getting really annoying having to do this extra step. Can you figure out what this shit is?

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    or you can just favorite the foruM
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZERO View Post
    That doesn't work.

    Quote Originally Posted by weeman2412 View Post
    or you can just favorite the foruM
    That doesn't work either.

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    Changing it from to worked for me. The second backslash makes it work.

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