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Thread: Will be gone...

  1. Default Will be gone...

    Starting tomorrow for about 2 weeks. My roommate and I are having a small summer vacation, mostly partying at south padre island. Don't worry, I'll be back so don't cry your heads off j/k.

    PS: it feels sooo damn good to have finals over. Two more classes and I'm getting my bachelors in psychology and computer science.

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    Hope you all have a great time, I am actually packing up the computer tonight b/c I am heading out too. I will be driving home tomorrow and will be online on Friday! I will still be checking in on other systems in the mean time.

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    hey zero, i take it by your avatar you're a death note fan. correct? o.0

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    My X-girlfriend got me watching it since episode 3 in japan. She knows everything about it lol. She even told me the reason she dated me was cause I look like L and kinda act like him. Eat a lot of sweets (high metabolism so I dont care lol) and i hate cell phones. But yeah, i've been a huge fan since then.

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    You probably do some freaky roll playing shit...

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    NIce...have good times man!! Congrats finishing your bach!!!


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    You actually look like L! That is fucking awesome

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    yeah, she wants to cosplay ulquiorra from bleach for next years anime convention down here.

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    hey. is this annoying?

    "if the futures been drawn out theres no point in living." sksk
    Quote Originally Posted by acolyte_to_jippity View Post
    within the ruins remins me of a somewhat harder bullet for my valentine

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