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Thread: server crasher

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    reporting a server crasher on the WCS server. I have his steam ID right here.

    Jamon" STEAM_0:1:16013505 01:46 76 27

    i also have some people who will back me up on this.

    Bacon" STEAM_0:1:9827335 24:18 81 0

    Finch" STEAM_0:0:1005662 24:03 65 0

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    You need to describe how you came about coming up with that conclusion.

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    Sorry there was so little info, I posted this in game. Basically, this guy came on and said, in nearly these exact words, "So, do you guys like it when I do this?" This was followed by the server completely locking up for a good 10-20 seconds. He laughed and continued to lag the server, saying things like, "Do you guys want me to crash it this time?" He eventually lagged himself out and we didn't see any more of him.

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    If he ever does come back and pulls this again, then we will do something about it. It's likely he won't be coming back anytime soon since he doesn't show any records at all in the ZM and GG server. It was probably a one time deal.

    Again, if it persists be ready and record and post it on the forums. We will definitely do something about it.

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