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Thread: Bridans app

  1. Lightbulb Bridans app

    w.e my app aint goin anywhere so i just deleted it ty bye
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    not annoying? thats funny because you just been banned from vent for blowing into mic, banned from pub for 7 days for disrespecting me, and by passing a mute.

    cal exp? thats also funny considering youve been removed from magnum operations

    i find this app a joke

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    hey whytboiz ive been in more cal team then u ever will dude and if u look at the post i jsut made i have proof that i was not doin either of those things so just cuz u have problems with me becuz of me complaing on how i havent plays a single match thats between u and me u banning me for no reason is just goin to far and i have many peoples opinions on that

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    you have proof? you said "i didnt do it" is proof?

    just because youve been in many cal teams dosnt mean shit. it just shows you cant fit in, or your teams never last.

    it has nothing to do with you bitching about the welfare of our team.

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    i know this has nothing to do with his app but from what ive seen of you ingame bridan you always having a go at people, you moan about british accents.... etc as far as ive seen you, your annoying as hell. Granted now and again everyone has a moan but with you its constant its either someone u hate, you dont like someone accent whatever it is you can guarentee your the first to say something and MOAN
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