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Thread: WCS Race Ideas

  1. Wink WCS Race Ideas

    Yay a thread that people can post WCS Race Ideas in!
    I'm not sure if this thread is already made as i have checked around the forms, if it is and i missed it sorry.

    Me and Mastercheff sorta started this, anyways the way this works is, think of a race... Simple as that.

    It can be based on your name, like mine!, Imagine going around wacking people with a bottle of soysauce or spraying people with it and even having an ultimate that is sure to fuck some people up.

    How about the IBIS race, or is that taken? I'm not sure, but it can be like the ultimate race, you have to have a level of like 500 or 1000 or something idk and it has crazy one hit kill abilities! As unfair as that sounds ha.

    I will start us off with something i just thought of.

    Four transformers.
    You start off as the twins( if no one has watched Transformers two, then you might not know what the twin transformers are so go look it up =P )
    Twins get crazy speed, jump and do crazy flips and stuff but have weak fire power, so its actually even. ( will work out the levels and damage later for each transformer)

    Once you max out the twins levels you unlock the level the reqs. Bumble Bee.
    Bumble bee is very protective towards others so we could give him a lot of health and armor. His weapons are decent but not the best.

    Next up is IronHide.
    Iron hide has a lot of weapons and shouldn't be messed with, so there fore we could have this race have increased damage with a little more health and armor then normal.

    Last is the best.
    Optumus Prime!
    Prime would be uber, A little more speed then normal, a damage increase, and increase in health and armor. His ultimate could be his sword he uses like in the movie Transformers Two, the knife model would have to be replaced, instead of binding to a key and pressing a button we could have some sort of unlock, you must get a certain amount of kills or something which allows you to switch to the knife/sword and use it, this makes since because if we binded it to a key, the person might miss and waste his ultimate for nothing.

    So yeah thats what i have, maybe i will work on this race more at a later time.

    So yeah post your ideas!  96

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    hm what about link from the legend of zelda or eva unit 00

    well for link
    1.master slash-does 20-50% more damage with knife
    2.percision bow-have a chance 50% of shooting a arrow that does 100 damage chance increasing by 10 everytime leveled
    3.hylian shield-able to reduce 50% of damage then mirror damage back to opponent 25%
    4.tri force courage/ultimate-get a boost of speed hp and have invincibility for 3.5 secs

    now eva 00
    spawns with m4 or ak and duelies
    1.falcon punch-have a chance to do 70 damage with a knife
    2.prog knife-knife pushes enemies away or can kill them
    3.[insert awesome skill name here]-has uber speed
    4.berserk-has more hp and invincibility

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    Soy, I don't think you know how the leveling system works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mastercheff View Post
    4.berserk-has more hp and invincibility
    So he would have alot of HP but you wouldn't be able to kill him anyway?
    I think you mean Invisibility.

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    oh yea silly me whats the point of more hp if your invincible >.> invis would be nice also

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christmas View Post
    Soy, I don't think you know how the leveling system works.
    I prob don't but i thought id just post this anyways. I played the other day and some like dude was flying around and kept one shotting me, i was like wtf rage quit.  96

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    boom head shot? lol xD

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    no haxor, it was wierd, i just spawned and like he kept flying into CT spawn like 3 seconds after the round started, and one shot me, i was like wtf, this happend 5 times before i "WTFBQQ RAGE QUIT"  96

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