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    I don't know if this is a glitch or is supposed to be a hiding place on this map, but here is a screenshot -

    If this is a glitch, then yeah, he was the only CT survivor and would often hold up rounds for about 3-4 minutes because he was the only one on the server who knew how to get in.

    If this isn't a glitch, then...ignore this post lol.
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    Thats a glitch, An easy glitch, but a glitch none the less.

    I woulda done something if I was there sorry :/

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    a REALLY easy glitch anyone can basically get back there

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    It looks alittle glitchy maybe a small ban but white is black is a reg. IF this is a first offense banning doesn't seem right. If not depending on how many times he done this week ban should be max.

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    We could freeze him too... for like 5 rounds. That's ever worse than a ban XD

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    I remember ZER0 was there a while back and I don't remember which other admin/ex-admin was there also (I think it may be either Lukey or James). They were discussing the glitch spots in that map and ZER0 said people were allowed to come in, but I didn't catch/remember if there were any conditions associated to glitch spots.
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    I heard we were aloud to hide in glitch spots as long as we didn't defend the entrance so zombies could still get you very easily if they knew where u were.

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    Mr.Black....What a silly kid.

    Wait...He was in the wall when i told him not to !

    When was this, it could of been a different time we play that map.

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    You can hide there but you can not shoot zombies from getting in.

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    Sounds fair i always hide in the pit anyways lol no one ever looks there or survive trying to get down there

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