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Thread: some quick help

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    Default some quick help

    i am a noob when it comes to Console stuff in CSS

    and i need help or instructions on how to BIND certin keys

    the main one i want is to bind !ztele to a key, for z_mod

    several times iv died trying to type my way out of sticking to a cade

    so PLEASE help )=

    and non of that stupid bulshit press f10 or exce lab stuff

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    Don't let me catch you using this to get away from zombies now. Bind a key like [ or something far away from where your hands usually are, to avoid accidentally pressing the button.

    If you have time to type it out, then you're far enough away to not be considered zteleing away from zombies.

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    No one give away the secrets!!!! Delete the thread!!!
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    well it doesnt look like anybody actually showed him how to, so i guess i will

    in console: bind "key" "say !ztele"

    replace "key" with whatever key you want it bound to. personally i like * on my number pad thingy.
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    sweet thank you, and no i hate peoiple wo !ztele from zombies

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    For some reason it doesnt work for "guns" in Deathmatch's. It just types guns, idk how to hot key the Guns Menu.

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    if you wanna buy guns fast
    type bind "key" "buy weapon_whatever"
    to bind say stuff type bind "key" "say blah bla blah"
    to go to spectate its bind "key" spectate

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    Naw, you don't know what im talking about.

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