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Thread: ZM auto aimer

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    He was obviously auto aiming, i was told bout this when my freind was getting shot up as a classic 20 times in the head at full speed to die. He went from 3000, to no health in a matter of seconds.

    So i spec him for the short period of time before he left. I was about to ban him and he left.

    demo's are failing to

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    Rapidshare is your friend, my friend.

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    Did you catch the name of the person?
    "Nothing beats the hobo life, stabbin folks with my hobo "

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLittlestHobo View Post
    Did you catch the name of the person?
    yes yoyoyo and i got sb_status in the demo i had.

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    If yoyoyo was the name then the person steam ID is STEAM_0:0:13414728
    This person been on the server with the name unamed many of times.

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