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Thread: Powers are now gone.

  1. Default Powers are now gone.

    So ladies and gents my godly admin powers are now gone and that means its time for me to say a solemn farewell. I'll be come back in a few times a month if i can but mostly I will be hanging out in another server or on DODS. I have had fun with all of you what with the slapping, banning, burning, timebombing, firebombing, giving myself massive amounts of health (on one occassion only) and of course destroying people using my godly abilities.

    So I will see you guys around and feel free to say hi to me on steam games and if I'm not busy invite me to the server.

    @ Getcha: Sorry jack about what happened a couple weeks ago.
    @ Hobo: keep the banning going my brother.
    @ Zero: thanks for the memories Z hope your community goes strong.
    @ Jigsaw: BAN HAMMA!!!


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    we'll miss you clone ='(

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    Clone are we losing too many people from our IBIS Family. You can DODS and play on zmod still =(

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    How random of you to include me in there LOL.

    But it was definitely enjoyable during those times when we see you and hopefully to see you more in the future, my chubby chaser.
    "Nothing beats the hobo life, stabbin folks with my hobo "

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    Your laugh will be missed. Later bro.

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    Goodbye clone.

    I fucking love music
    Rip Paul Gray

    Server rules
    How to report admin abuse
    How to find hackers

  7. Cool So Long Buddy

    It was great having you around and hopefully I'll be able to hear ur sweet, sexy, laugh again.......

    btw let me record that shit, it's awesome. Later brother

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    good now I won't have to make my way to him just to see his fat chicks on his sprays lol.

    that last one clone seriously had nipples the size of dinner plates.

    fat girls don't need loving they need food!!!!

    but I will miss you buddy, not for you laugh or for your abuse but because you were also a great ZM player. have fun and hope you get laid by chicks in spain on the beaches.
    -The enemy of my enemy is my friend-

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    I love you Clone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by inthebutt View Post
    fat girls don't need loving they need food!!!!
    Food IS love.
    "Nothing beats the hobo life, stabbin folks with my hobo "

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