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Thread: WCS is acting up! Again...

  1. Default WCS is acting up! Again...

    After the reset the server is still acting up... I don't know how to reset it and didn't feel like being Anex....

    If Zero or Jigsaw would educate me in resetting it correctly? ... much appreciated...

    Shooting people point blank don't work... can only use power ups... and skills are out of whack!

    Please let me know what I can do... many seem to believe admins can fix these things... can they?

    and on a side not... how do I stop a thread (close thread) when I open one?

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    We have a manual restart command now, although I forgot it, which I shouldn't... >.>

    Also Jiggy and Zero are the only one that can close threads.

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    anyone know the manual restart command?

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    ma_rcon _restart

    just copy and paste that
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