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Thread: Asians o.0 Canada 0.o

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    Default Asians o.0 Canada 0.o

    I've Noticed Lately That Alot Of Asians Play Css!!! I Only Know Probably Like 7 That Aren't Asian O.o!!!!! It's Crazy Lawlz!!!! And Also There's So Many People That Play Css That Are From Canada o.0 LoL Am I The Only One That Notices This!? LoL Don't Get Me Wrong I'm Not Being Racist Or Anything, Nor Am I!!!!! I Love All You Guys (Lawlz NOT LIKE THAT!!!) You're All Like Brothers That I Love To Annoy <3.. Lawlz But Yeah, I'm Just Very Curious On How Many Asians And People From Canada Play Here....
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    Every @-}---- Has Its Thorn

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    GO AMERICA, and you say lawlz alot o.O

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    We notice, were just not fucking retarded enough to feel a thread needs to be made about it. Thats more of the stuff you talk about in game.

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    Im a little fag and dont know what im talking about.
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    There's nothing wrong with this thread; it's not flaming anyone and it's allowing the IBIS community to develop a sense of who's who. I don't see why you have to shut her down like that...

    I'll start a list of the people from Canada that are/were IBIS regulars/admins:

    1) Clone
    2) Potato
    3) Chase
    4) Nemesis
    5) Walter (me)
    6) Strike PEW PEW PEW
    7) The Littlest Hobo
    8) THE HOLY SH**!
    9) Project S

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    Hey getcha?


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    Quote Originally Posted by EVL_Ripper View Post
    Im a little fag and dont know what im talking about.
    Manbearpig, I dont know what he said but thats very unprofessional of you as a forum Mod. Deleting his post would been more professional and then sending a PM why you deleted it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EVL_Ripper View Post
    Actually it fits with Manbearpig to stoop to having to change someone's post to avoid letting others see it. What a pussy. And before anyone wants to jump onto disrepescting admins or mods, let me tell you all a secret, you don't have to give respect to admins and mods who can't show it back. Respect is earned. The good thing is that this shows that without him being a mod or admin, he'd be too much of a chickenshit to say anything without it. He disrespected Getcha when she did nothing wrong.

    I wouldn't call getcha retarded but, this thread is extremely stupid and pointless. You know that however, he might have gone about it wrong.

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    And you're right, this thread is somewhat pointless but she's just making conversation, I mean can any of you sit here and say that everything posted on these forums is gold? Hell no it's the retarted shit that most enjoy cause it's just a good way for people to generally act up and have some fun. Not everything posted does nor has to have a point, the point of this forum is to discuss things and that's all she did. You don't like it? Ignore it, it's just one topic among many.

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    it's not Getcha's fault she drinks drain cleaner, and its nice of ripper to stand up for those who are not mentally able to do so themselves. i dont think changing people's posts is the best idea, but i do know what it's like MBP, i volunteered at the special olympics this summer and some of people here would get called retards by even them...

    Pink i stand by my pervious statement, get cancer. get cancer and die.

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