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Thread: Server crashes today at 6:35pm EST

  1. Default Server crashes today at 6:35pm EST

    Name: Im crashing your server homo bitches

    Steam ID: (given to me by pew pew it crashed before I could grab it)

    I wasnt on when he first started. Pew Pew gave me his steam ID and he is pretty trust worthy I think. Can check the logs between 6:30-6:45pm EST for the Zombie server and im sure get verification on his steam ID.

    Let me know if you need any other info.

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    interesting he's from the christian server

    if more people can verify.. I'll leave my macro on overnight to instaban him if he happens to join the server.. for some reason ma_ban doesn't work unless the person's in the server :|

    TARGET HAS BEEN BANNED AS OF 8:30 gmt-5:00

    zero/jigsaw if u get around to checking the logs and you find that its not him please unban him.. but for now I rather be safe then sorry
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    Look's like the guy has played around 7 hours total since late July.

    I couldn't find the second steamID Weeman mentions on the stats page.

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