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Thread: Do not restart your server

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    Just wanted to warn you NOT to update your server. If you are running linux srcds has a massive error in the new update that will cause a segmentation fault and crash the server instantly. Valve said they are fixing the issue but i figured i would warn you before some one makes the mistake and your server goes down. I sadly did not get any warning :P I do not think this will be an issue with your normal admins just heads up to zero and jigsaw.

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    We run windows for the game servers ^^

    Live or die, make your choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JigSaW View Post
    We run windows for the game servers ^^
    ?!?!!? really? lol

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    Yea, b/c valve breaks the linux srcds like 50% of the time... it is just not worth using linux.

    Also I have the srcds configured not to auto update so that I can see if valve breaks anything and then wait until it works before updating.

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