Found some interesting ones you might be interested in

Spiritual Rogue
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Spiritual Rogue

Mind attack
- Deal more damage and slow down your enemy
Team spirit
- Make your teammates do more damage
- Break invisibility and deal damage
Spiritual Body
- Leave your body No-clip

Unseen Unseen
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Mind Trick
- When you get shot you become invisible for a short amout of time
Blinding Strike
- Blind your attacker, but because of s side effect he also gains speed while
Telepathic Powers
- When they shoot you, you send them flying to make them miss
Physical Shield
- Hide yourself in a bulletproof shield

**NOTE** This is a very old race. Made it ages ago :P

It should work perfectly. If anyone find any small bugs let me know and ill fix them.
- Legend

Fleshling[Knife] Fleshling[Knife]
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Flesh Legs
- When you get hit u run faster to get away
Flesh protection
- When you get shot u gain 40 hp
Flesh Arms
- You punch the enemy so they lose control of their gun and loses some ammo
Flesh Shield
- Your flesh has a chance to regrow extremly fast giving u protection for a short amout of time

**NOTE** This is also a very old race Razz

Ok, so I wanted to make a knife race with no spawn skills, and here is what I ended up with.. I had some help from HOLLIDAY with testing it, so a little of the credit has to go to him Razz Hope someone finds this fun to play;dl=get53