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  1. Smile Gaming

    Hello this is a map im posting for the IBIS zombie mod server. It's called ze_ocean_escape_2_b2 by sonic (it says so in the map).
    The spawn is a little laggy. Objective: Head down to the flooded sea lab. Use the Engine or Coolant room doors to get to the tram, if you miss the tram u can take the coolant room exit tunnel and catch up with your team mates. Then you end up at the escape lifts NOTE: each lift can randomly explode and kill everbody thats in it at that time you must jump on the ladder platforms. When you get to the surface wait for the nuke. Have fun

  2. Cool Gaming

    Zombie escape map ze_ocean_escape_2_b2

  3. Default

    Have fun

  4. Default

    sounds like a fun map, but was the triple post necessary?
    Fear is a Liar.

  5. Default

    yea noobs ftw. but hello. you don't triple post please don't be like the fourm whore
    Who are you? oh thats right your the shit talker... I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you over how AWESOME I am.
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