∑vL_Яeŗ : Potato = newb
(ADMIN) � WeeMan | ibis.a : LOL
Newb : no we arent thes same
(ADMIN) � WeeMan | ibis.a : like u can really get me alive
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*DEAD* - `zRp.ny : Project-7 Hack Loaded. respeCt! has left the game (Vac Banned)
I FUCK YOU left the game (Disconnect by user.)

banned permanantly
13: STEAM_0:1:5527778 - `zRp.ny j75liDgMF9EViYapjP/dQakTD3+fbjDD

for possible/potential hacking.. project-7 is a private hack.. and a rather fail one.. this guy was using this free version and got completely fucked over.. good you noob.. i banned you for 10 years... for being stupid enough to not not read what you're downloading