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Thread: Nubshtrike banned

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    Hey guys, i play as [NAKED] Nub-Shtrike, and was recently banned from your rotation server.
    i suppose you have demo etc, but for now i am banned permanently so im just coming here to petition the ban.
    the circumstance was that i went about 10-3 with 2 defuses, the guy i was playing against sucked so it was easy he never walked. ive been playin on here for only a few days and you guys banned NueB also but i'm not here to argue his case. my background is that i have played in cal for 3 or 4 seasons, but it has been awhile. i have played counterstrike since it came out. I suppose you guys assume i hack, but all i can say in my defense is that no, i dont. i'm experienced at the game, know the tricks, etc. Hope you guys can review the admin's demo (whoever recorded).

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    i'd appreciate it if i could contact one of you guys on friends or something too, account = "L34f"

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    It seems to me that your account has been banned cuz of Nueb playing with it....My opinion.: your account has been banned for hacking...regardless of who was playing s your account so your responsible for it...if someone else (in that case, YOUR FRIEND!) play with it and hacks with it, this is n t anyone problem except yours. is only my opinion...ZERO may take a s also weird that now that Nueb is banned....another guy with an account played by Nueb shows up and ask for unbanning.. Plze understand that we don t want someone coming back on our servers or forums just to make some troubles...

    Tanks....wait for ZERO s input...and don t start a flame war !!!


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    No disrespect, but youve got it all wrong. My account was never banned via Nueb, he had been playing on my brother's account, you can check steam IDs. Still, his case doesnt relate to mine. Im just trying to get this petition through...

    yeah i really dont want to start a flame war, i'm just waiting on a review.
    i'll be patient since i understand that i want to be unbanned as much as you want to catch the hackers
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    He was banned this morning for walling. I perma banned him as soon as i saw the slightest detail he was tracing someone thru a wall without the person making any noise whatsoever. If you observer towards the end of the demo he is clearly tracing someone thru the wall and waiting for the enemy to pop out. He was not aware he was being specced so he decided to be a funny guy and try and slip that bullshit. You and your NAKED clan and your friend Nueb are not wanted and we defintely do not tolerate cheaters in this server. I hope you get banned by steambans as well. If you want to try your bs esp walls, go try them on another server with less experienced admins.

    As for cal experience, Ive heard that a million times as an excuse.

    UPDATE: I am having problems uploading the demo.
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    heh ok then, well if the ban is final once you upload the demo then i'll leave quietly, no point in honesty on the internet, its worth shit.
    i guess if you guys all agree that i hack then its final, im not tryin to go out with a bang or any problems, i can only say that i dont hack. As for walls, dont know what to say, if it looks like i was then thats your opinion, but its just my play style. No disrespect to you guys at all, youve got the admin power

    i also believe part of my ban was the animosity of NueB, cant argue that.

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    Another [NAKED] clan member ,plus using each other steamID , and getting them banned by source equal trouble. I hope it was worth your time.

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    Hello Nubshtrike.

    You're IP has been traced and it has been determined that you are NueB, and/or using the same computer as NueB.
    I am 95% confident in this assertion.

    Not only is your vocabulary/spelling/grammar similar to NueB, but so is your name and the context of which you speak. You were looking to get unbanned again on the account of no demo being posted. (Again)

    The above paragraph certainly would not make me 95% confident, but, this does:
    NueB's trace:

    Your trace:

    As you can see, both of your aliases have been traced to the exact same latitude/longitude.

    No disrespect, but youve got it all wrong. My account was never banned via Nueb, he had been playing on my brother's account, you can check steam IDs. Still, his case doesnt relate to mine. Im just trying to get this petition through...
    It does not relate? Right???

    Request denied, player banned permanently.
    You are no longer welcome at ibis, good bye.

    Update: After reviewing various diffrent people under the name [NAKED], all NAKED members are to be permenatly banned from ibis.
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    Live or die, make your choice.

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    Good Job Jigsaw.

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    Who's the head guy here, apparently he knows Ferret from Gamehavoc, i really want to get this shit figured out asap. Unban posts no matter how earnest can take such a crazy tangent.

    And excuse me hell no i dont talk like NueB. He was mean and sounded like a prick in his posts which is the exact reason i'm trying to not be an ass about the situation.

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