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    I have been updating the stats for the new zombie mod ranking for about 15 hours. It is getting close to the end and then I am just going to tweak the settings to get everything working just the way I want. Like for the other servers a rank based image will be integrated right into your forum profile.

    Now what I plan to put in that space is: Avg Hours per day
    or hours per week.

    I think that this is the best way to represent zombie mod dedication. Instead of showing total hours we will take those hours and divide them by the number of days that have passed after you first played on the server times twenty four. This way even players that are newer to zombie mod can brag about how much time they really are wasting every day playing addicting games.

    Now in the long run we do plan to still implement an online based ranking system ingame that will sue the stats to award tags to players who have obtained x amount of hours. However we will most likely reset the stats when we do that.

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    Another option would be to show activity percentage. This value would be calculated based on how active you have been on the zm server over the last 30 days.

    This would in theory be most fair to new and old players.

  3. Cool

    the ranks have finished processing, check it out at

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    wow its got real detailed stats there cool im rank 209 ^^ good job

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    now if you added your steam id to the forum it would display your rank :P

    Live or die, make your choice.

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    how do i do that????

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    user cp / edit details then add your steam id in

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    My stats aren't linking correctly.

    This is my stat profile...weird...

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    There are profiles for every server, I have not made the zombie integration with the forums yet.

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    Ohh.. ok, thanks for the info.

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