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Thread: Weeman, he needs to go.

  1. Default Weeman, he needs to go.

    I'm not sure where to put this thread, because its admin abuse and general server/player abuse.

    If you don't already know, Weeman is the person who will walk up to your cade, regardless of its size or strength, and destroy it no mater what zombie class he is.

    Here is the rules that Weeman has broken.

    "II. Exploiting

    1) The use of programs, settings, or scripts to crash or exploit the server

    A) Hacking the server
    B) Executing a script that can crash the server"

    Hes exploiting the server via his scripts. No one else on our Zm server is able to do what Weeman dose.

    Knowing that some of you would be against or indifferent on this player being removed form the forums and servers, I made a poll. I cant stress enough that you vote. I would include a demo, but its hard to catch him in the act. Many regulars, and admins have witnessed or even, for some, fallen victim to Weeman's scripts.

    So please. I want everyone to come together and get a consensus on this topic.

    This isn't personal Weeman, You shouldn't be getting away with what your doing.

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    Seems like this does clearly go against the server rules. On top of that an admin doing it sets a bad example (no matter how much you were just trying to have fun or challenge James).

    I'd say a one week ban fits the crime as long as Weeman stops. (though I havent playd ZM for a while so this is just my two cents)

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    I would like to see at least one demo before i vote, or someone i trust saying that it has happened.
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    I'm pretty sure if you ask Weeman he wont deny it. I think it started as just a little fun and went to far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by =|Loud Mute|= View Post
    I would like to see at least one demo before i vote, or someone i trust saying that it has happened.
    I know :/

    But he hardly plays anymore, probably because everyone knows he scripts and no one likes him.
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    i would need to see proof myself but i cant get on the server until i get home. sorry res i like u and would def. do euthanasia on you but i can;t do anything yet. people can trust my decision almost as much as they could trust the jokers......


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    Yea, no scripts that blow up cades. I will update the rules.

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    I will say it again:

    Why hasn't nothing been done yet?

    Admin or not, that position does not give you the right to do whatever you want.

    Whenever I played ZM, and Weeman was there, he'd hop into spec.

    So I never got a chance to see or demo him.

    But I believe it was Chase that got a demo of it.

    And Weeman blew up Holy's cade.

    And I believe Holy because he hasn't done anything to cause me to mistrust him.

    Thatís the funny thing about trolls: They love to do something horrible, then accuse you of doing something horrible when you call them on it.

  9. Default

    Holy Sh**t is credible.

    And the fact that Weeman hasn't replied to any of these scripting/cheating threads against him doesn't give him a good face. I even linked it to him in STEAM chat, but he brushed it off, saying:

    12:50 - WEEMAN: i have no desire to read any trash

    I think a ban for 2-3 weeks would be more than fair punishment.

  10. Default

    A simple accusation is not sufficient evidence in my opinion in this case.

    Credibility or not.

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