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Thread: We need the old version of elevator escape back

  1. Default We need the old version of elevator escape back

    The old version of elevator escape has been removed and replaced with ze elevator escape v6. We need the old one back, this new version adds another hallway at the final elevator that we have to wait 50 seconds at that completely bypasses the cade that supposed to hold them up till the elevator arives.

    that and the rocks are glitched and don't fall anymore, alowing the zombies to catch up to us even faster.

    there is a new version of it out but it might be worse than v6

    I think we need to downgrade to v4

    one other thing zm church of mint is not downloadible off of the map server, so if someone comes on when we're on it and they dont have it, they can't dl it and get the error mising map, and disconect from the server (not sure how to put it)
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    That's a map we usually only play on Bad Map Thursday anyways, Kavinsky.

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