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Thread: Separate zm escape only server with no fast zombies?

  1. Default Separate zm escape only server with no fast zombies?

    Yes or no

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kavinsky View Post
    Yes or no
    yes because its GG if fast zombies are allowed and it gets annoying.
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    Whoever voted no needs to be slapped.

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    Why isn't there an "indifferent" option?

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    No. Get good.
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    No, the ZM server is vacant as hell.. Splitting the population in half right now is a bad idea.. and making a new server would just double the cost for Zero (he loves his money)
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    Future release of zm will have the ability to remove fast zombies on escape maps. Cold has already confirmed this. Hopefully he is working on it now and will support it in the next release.

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    well ya but some people hate escape maps

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    Why don't we just make a "Fun" server and a "cesspool of rank whores" server.

    You can call the "Fun" server the "escape" server, as in escaping the egotripping control freaks who can't let loose and enjoy themselves instead of hiding on spec when we go to a map they don't like, or get themselves tagged on purpose for easy kills, or jump spec when they're behind a barricade with someone they don't like.

    Meanwhile, the "barricade" server will have a layer of vile and anger protecting the same 7-8 faces from the horde of newbies they so despise (yet need to plump their rank up). But after awhile it will only be those 7-8 faces, because no one would bother playing the same 4 maps all the fucking time when everyone's in an impossible spot to take. Then those 7-8 people will get bored and come to the "escape" server to do the same cheap shit they've always done to screw others over and trump up their rank.

    On second thought, it would save a lot of time to just reset the ranks, since that's what will happen anyway if the server was split.

    So, I vote No.

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    I voted yes... but I think there should be an 'indifferent' choice in it.

    While I hate and dispise ZE's, I don't mind them in the rotation everyonce in a while. It's when ZE's get voted on for 3 maps in a row that makes me change servers. Definately remove fast zombies from ZE's.

    ZM only server? great idea, but would have to really get people to vote and discuss which maps should be cut from teh line up. I'm not suggesting to cut them now, but cut a few when a few new maps get put up so there's still a nice number of maps to choose from.

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