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Thread: "Emder" STEAM_0:1:8911805 Ban Request

  1. Default "Emder" STEAM_0:1:8911805 Ban Request

    Sever: Gungame
    Time: 7:00am central

    Player: Emder

    Id: STEAM_0:1:8911805
    Reason: Wall hack

    Description: We where playing mario and you could clearly see him tracking thru walls, don't know if he had a aimbot to go with it. But you can clearly see it. By the way he has 2 names. He came back once he was spotted.

    People to see him: Me, koopa, Bot, Walker, token.

    Demos: I got a demo off him under both names and a screen shot of him and his steam. Demos are saved as emder and letox.

    Screen shot:
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    anyone take a look at these, I would try to view the image again but I do not my computer to crash trying again...

    How did it end up in a tga format! I just think it is a little overboard to load up photoshop jsut to use print screen...

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    I can only watch the first one, There is a point in there where it looks like he is clearly following people through walls but with no radar and such a short demo it is hard to say, anyone else take a look at it?

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    This is an automatic email to notify you that the player you submitted, STEAM_0:1:8911805, has been banned from the Steambans network. The evidence was viewed by our admins and found to be conclusive. Should you record a demo of another player cheating don't hesitate to submit them to Steambans and stop them from cheating on an ever increasing number of servers we protect.


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    Another bites the Dust. GOOD JOB!

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