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    So over the past 2 weeks the pub has been losing traffic. I need a list of what needs to be changed so that everything can get back on track. What maps are just losing players and what do we need to add to attract new players.

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    Maybe start a 24/7 dust or office cycle for a bit, see how that goes. I've noticed that servers with a 24/7 in front of them usually have a full or close to full server.
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    is there a way to seperate the 3 servers maps into different lists? because personally i hate it when i show up on the pub and we are playing a gg map... isnt the point of a pub to play hostie or bomb maps?

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    a big issue is the server doesnt always go to the map we vote for or even set. so that hurts us.


    those are bad, im sure theres more, but thats all i can come up with

    strike and season are good maps

    and nuke makes me lag for sum reason, idk

    and maybe update the mil and contra

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    How about increasing the server to at least 28. People are attracted to larger servers.

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    Can we do what whyt suggested please? We've had that post open and unreplied for quite some time now. Also, the map votes have to be cancelled constantly in order to get some decent maps. Thanks.
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    It is the end of the school year. A lot of CS players are college students. Colleges are having Spring Finals right now...

    That could be part of the problem. Did it happen this time last year, I can't remember...

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    Yes you are correct in that thought. Every may we lose traffic during the switch from school to summer player bases.

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    Oh thanks a lot rico, now we have to deal with the crappy maps.

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    ad_agon_world is on right now. perfect example of wtf is that?

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