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Thread: New maps on ZM server.

  1. Default New maps on ZM server.

    just got to playing the Z-server today and I really like the new maps that have been added.

    Thank you for keeping it fresh.

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    Indeed. Though it gets increasingly difficult to find decent maps anymore.

    Anyhow, unfortunately I haven't had time to try many of them out, due to painting several rooms for my grandparents. Any of them good?

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    so far, i played on two of the new maps. I'm sure there are more, but I don't have the time I use too. I have no Idea what the names were, but one was a nice remake of a popular one. lol, i know that's vague.

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    just got back onto the ZM server again last night.


    a nice change. though, sometimes, my knife pops back into view.

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