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Thread: hacker/Aimbotter? Post your opinions

  1. Default hacker/Aimbotter? Post your opinions

    Player name: USUCK

    STeam ID: STEAM_0:1:3662771 USUCK HAZ?EKX;hFYinOVRC4JZkJkRTHdXbAf@j3XKK4LIc=VC9gLjiC Qd06<4

    I believe he was aimbotting/wallhacking. The evidence is clear when you watch the demo of him with the awp. It's questionable at some points when he is using the AK.

    I suggest you watch all demo's of him before makig your mind up.

    Post your opinions. I think he was cheatin...

    The file "usuck.dem" contains the time stamp for his playing time right at the beginning of the demo. All demo's should have his steamID displayed near the beginning too in the chat window.

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    I watched the first and third demo

    Second is very short maybe 5 seconds

    On the first demo, when you activate sv_cheats 1 then mat_wireframe 1 you will see about 5 minutes into the demo

    He is running from spawn towards middle going short A. He gets shot by the double doors and continues. At this point you can see him aiming through the wall at the guy.

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    what does sv_cheats 1 and mat_wireframe 1 do?


    Just tried it and watched all of the demos.

    I believe he was toggling his cheats on and off. I saw several instances where his crosshairs jumped and locked onto someone behind a wall or box and then unlocked when he turned the other way...
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    SV_cheats 1 enables you to watch the demo on wireframe. When you try it, it will show you what I mean by wireframe.

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    cloud, thanks. I tried it and it allows a much better analysis of demo's of potential hackers...

    I still think he was toggling.

    Not even Dual or Dutch could get as fast as him...

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    Good thing i had him banned quickly so that peoples stats wouldn't be totally fucked up. Good Job guys.

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    which one do you guys think is most convincing? I will send the best one to steambans

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    i havent seen the other 2 but I havent seen the sb_status done in every demo

    Rule out 2 since its so short

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    Good Job RicO!

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    Zero I banned for 7 days temporarly until all of you reviewed this.

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