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Thread: the new wcs races

  1. Default the new wcs races

    there great and all but there so easy to level u only need 5 levels to max a skill out which is disappointing and the race "vegabond" can be easily abused such as in holding the round up with its ult or something or such as swapping people into wards we really need some official rules on the motd

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    One that that I found was quite contradicting was that in the server name it says "NO AWP/AUTO!" however the =Jack= class gives the player an AK/AWP.

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    There are issues with some of the classes... it is important that we understand that the beta for these classes require detail for the issues that arise... Zero is busy, but assures us that he is working on it... we as Admins, regulars, and even noobs, needs to help... It is helpful to point out server issues, class restrictions, conflicts with abilities or ultimates... please no griping of what you like or dislike about certian classes, for this may only mean that you don't play that piticular races well, but someone else may... So I thank you on behalf of Zero and please tell us your input!


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    Warning: using WorldTwoTextureBlend on a non-displacement surface.
    Support for this will go away soon.
    - Material : de_dust/groundsand_blend
    - Surface center : -1920 2440 0
    Warning: using WorldTwoTextureBlend on a non-displacement surface (material: de_dust/groundsand_blend). Support for this will go away soon.

    This error happened this morning... server conituned to freeze up, sez "warning: connection error" then boots from server saying:

    Server connection timed out.


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    also holliday race maker is crappy his races are half thought of in my opinion azeroth makes all of their races with full detail most of the raceinfo discriptions are to simple it doesn't give a feel that were playing wcs more like rpg

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    Ok, so for now it looks like the fixes need to be:
    Limit jack race to one per team to counterbalance the use of awp. As far as summoning into wards go it is a high level race for a reason, and that also requires to people to actually work together anyways an can also be stopped if the use buys a shop menu item. Can I get more info about rounds being delayed and what not?

    As for the descriptions if we could begin to compile a list of what the abilities actually do I can update the descriptions.

    As for the amount of levels. I agree that 5 is a bit too short, I can limit the growth of each level and increase the total number if that is what you want. This way it will not raise the mark power of the races but will make such power harder to obtain. This also means that someone who maxed out a new race would then have less power than before and would need to level it to the new max.

    Also how many levels do you guys want per race?
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    One of the other problems with Jack as a race is that you have (at least from what I can tell) an unlimited amount of Awps to drop for your teammates, and every teammate that ends the round with one of your awps gains 4750, allowing for easy money glitching. My suggestion would be to make it a scout instead, to balance out the power of the race at the moment.

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    I will look into reprogramming it to a scout and changing other powers on him to make up for the difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZERO View Post
    I will look into reprogramming it to a scout and changing other powers on him to make up for the difference.
    Perhaps a higher leech percentage or speed + longjump?

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    upon further thought... it may be the number of "abilities" or "ultimates" that may be crashing the server... so times many people try activating one or the other frequently... it is about this time we all lose connection and the server restarts at dust... I have had to manually restart server "almost" every morning, from what those on say has been a problem, prior to my getting on the server... As for the races, the more "unique" races should be limited to one or two per team, other races may need to be removed all together... is there a way to track which races are used more than others?... the AWP races should difinately be changed... the server prides it's self on "NO AWP's" and this race does contridict this mission statement... if it can be change to scout, great; but if not, I suggest we scrap it for another race... I know your busy Zero, and I am not telling you how to run your server... but a suggestion would be a beta server or even a beta group to "get the kinks out" should be in place before opening new races to everyone... We have a great crew (despite our differences) and together we can stream line the process, than everyone can enjoy themselves, and not worry about "crashes" or "unfair" advantages... Just a thought... I personally have only tried the Magician, Eye Ra, & Molecule and found that leveling up is hard, but as I increase the abilities, it is rather fun! From these two classes I have not had any problems, minus the server crashing and having to replay the same old maps!

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