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Thread: List of Classes for WCServer

  1. Default List of Classes for WCServer

    I created this list outlining the Races, thier skills and description of ability...
    It was composed to help "noobs" and those who are looking for a class to master...

    ***Remember ***
    You can access this list by typing "raceinfo" in say, and "playerinfo" to view what a player is playing at the moment!]

    ~*~*~Class Skill or Ability Brief Description of Ability~*~*~


    Vampiric Aura Gains Damage from Attack as Health
    Unholy Aura Speed Boost
    Levitation Jump with Anti-Gravity
    Suicide Bomber Chance to Blow Upon Death

    Human Alliance

    Invisibility Partial Invisibility
    Devotion Aura Additional Health Each Round
    Bash Render Enemy Immobile
    Teleport Teleport up to 180 feet

    Orchish Horde

    Critical Strike 15% Chance for Extra Damage to Enemy
    Critical Grenade 40-240% Damage with Grenade
    Reincarnation 15-80% Chance to Respawn
    Chain Lightening Chain of Lightening 40-75 feet

    Night Elves

    Evasion 5-30% Chance to Evade Shot
    Thorns Aura 30% Mirror Damage, 15-50% Chance for Activation
    Trueshot 30% Chance to Cause 10-60% Extra Damage
    Entangled Roots 25-60 Foot Vine, Enemy Not to Move for 10 seconds

    Blood Mage

    Pheonix 15-90% of Reviving Teammate
    Banish 30% Chance to Confuse Enemy for 1-3 Seconds
    Siphon Mana 30% Chance to Steal $20-170 from Enemy
    Flame Strike 10-40% Burn to Enemy on Hit for 1-3.5 seconds
    Curing Ritual Sacrifice 100 Mana (money) for 15-25 HP

    Archmage Proudmore

    Earthquake 25% Chance to Shake Enemy 3-6 seconds
    Broom of Velocity Run and Fly with 5-30% more Speed
    Weapon of Sorcerer Spawn with 30-50% chance of Desert Eagle/M4A1 or DOD:S Colt/Bazooka
    Lift Off Fly with 5-10 HP While Flying

    Shadow Hunter

    Healing Wave Heal Teammates within 15-25ft, 2-6HP Every 2-6 seconds for 10-12 Waves
    Hex 30% Chance to Destroy Boots of Speed + Slowdown 2-6 seconds by 25-45%
    Serpent Ward 1-2 Wards 20-28ft for 0-14 seconds, causing 12-20 Damage per Second
    Bid Bad Voodoo Become Invincible for 2-3 seconds


    Fan of Knives 30-40% Chance to Mole to Enemies Spawn
    Blink 50-70% Chance Disable All Ultimate Powers in a 30ft Range
    Shadow Strike 13-33% to Deal 10 Additional Damage
    Vengeance Respawn with 20-100HP and Previous Primary Weapon

    Crypt Lord

    Impale 10-33% Chance to Shake and Push Enemy
    Spiked Carapace 110-200 Armor on Spawn, 20-40% to Deal 10-20% Damage
    Carrion Beetles 20-33% Chance of Beetles Causing 5-15 Damage
    Locust Swarm Release Locust to Steal 25HP and 10-30 Armor Damage Randomly

    Succubus Hunter

    Daemonic Knife 50-90% extra Damage
    Head Hunter 30% Chance to do 20-40% Damage, gain 5-20XP and Collect Skulls
    Totem Incantation 2-4HP for Each Skull and $5-70 Cash from Enemy
    Assault Tackle Longer Jumps
    Daemonic Transformation 22-70% Invisibility, 20-50% Gravity, @0-40HP cost 1/2/3 Skulls

    Flame Predator

    Berserk (Will Need!) Adrenaline 45-60% Speed
    Cloak of Invisibility 69-81% Invisibility
    Levitation Gravity 30-60% for Long Jumping in Anti-Gravity
    Claw Attack 30-40% Chance to Cause Enemy to Drop Current Weapon
    Burning Blade 20-35% Chance that Enemy will Catch on Fire
    Burning Inferno 20-40% Chance to Cause 100-180 Damage to Enemy


    Spawn 50-90% Respawn with HP, Speed, Long Jump, Gravity, Mole or Regeneration
    Attacking Powers 33% Extra Damage, Burning, Freezing, Blinding, Leeching or Beetles
    Victim Powers Evade, Mirror Damage, Slowdown, Invisibility
    Death 30-70% Explode, Respawn, Give Teammate HP, or Mana Gain
    Ultimate Random Ultimate

    Hells Demon

    Pride Health and Speed Powers
    Sickle Extra Strength from Attack Damage
    Self-Esteem[/COLR] Increases Attack and Damage
    Last Strike Damage Enemy upon Death
    Power-Up Power Up Ability of Choice

    Hell Hunter

    Searing Fire Arrows Fire Arrows for Short Period of Time
    Poison Smoke Bombs Creates Smoke Clouds that Damage Enemies Who go Through It
    Fire Grenades Creates Fire Plumes that Damage Enemies Who go Through It
    Spark Flash Bangs Teleport Using Flash Grenades (immune to flash)
    Anti Fall Damage Prevents most Damage upon Falling
    Daul Rapid Fire Dualies Become Mini-Machine Guns Without Reload


    Prog Knife Shot Vibrations with Damage and Enemy Knock Back
    AT-Field Absolute Terror Absorbs Damage
    Positronkanon Shot with Cycloton [p90] Bullet
    Cycloton Positrongun Paralyze with Cycloton [p90]
    Langinus Throw Holy Lance Throw


    Fighting Thunder Thunder Grenades
    Thunderbolt Damage Enemy with Thunderbolt
    Thunder God Shake Enemy
    Raidens Wrath Damage Nearby Enemies


    Levitation Weapons of Magician
    Disappearing Dash Disappear While Dashing and Reappear when Hit
    Crow Death Spawn as a Crow with 1HP and 1 Bullet (can’t defuse bomb)
    Up In Smoke Disappear in Cloud of Smoke and Teleport

    Shadows of the Void

    Ultimate Immunity Immune to Enemies Ultimates
    Death Shadow Extra Damage
    Fading Black Blind Enemy
    Into The Void Creates a Black Hole

    Eye Ra

    Resurrect Raise a Teammate from the Dead
    Blink of Eye Evade Shots
    Lens of Truth Invisible Enemies Become Visible When Hit
    Summon Spawn Enemy to Current Location


    Maser Extra Damage
    ProtoStar Respawn Teammate
    Messier Causes More Damage
    Nebula Disappear in Black Smoke


    Speed Gain Speed
    Electric Shock Electrocute Enemy
    Evade Evades most Shots
    Force Field Create Bullet Proof Sphere

    Die Xonvert

    Freeze by Fear Freeze Enemy upon Hitting Them
    Bloodlust % of Damage to Enemy is Given Back in Health
    Ritual Spawn with Extra HP
    Zeal Speed Boost


    Flickering Shadows Appear Invisible from Afar
    Adrenaline Speed
    Blades Double Knife Damage
    Levitation Gravity 30-60% for Long Jumping in Anti-Gravity
    Complete Invisibility Invisible When Not Moving


    Regeneration Gain HP When Causing Damage to Enemy
    Genocide Extra Damage
    Grenades Extra Damage with Grenades
    Déjà vu Go Back in Time 3 Seconds


    Athena’s Realm Extra Damage
    Athena’s Spear Strike Enemy with Athena’s Spear
    Necklace of Immunity Immune to Enemy Ultimates
    COLOR="darkolivegreen"]Golden Helmet
    Almost Immune to Headshots
    Grogon’s Head Medusa’s Gaze

    Spider Man

    Spider Sense Evade Enemy Shots
    Agility Long Jump and Speed
    Web-Shooters Shoot Enemy with Web and Entangle, Enemy Not to Move for 10 seconds
    Weblines Uses Lines to Travel

    Strider Hiryu

    Flying Dragon Bind Key to +FLY, Hold Key to Fly, Release to Land
    Advance High Jump Advance High Jump Ability with Every Kill
    Kayakujutsu Use Fire and Explosives, Bind Key to Strider
    Portal Press Ultimate to Save Location, Press Again to Teleport


    Blood Loss Cause Extra Blood Loss and Extra Damage
    Death Spikes Leave Deadly Spikes Where You Die
    Weapon Menu Chance for Menu of Weapons
    Jet Fuel Gain Partial Invisibility While Flying


    Wall Climb Climb Tall Walls in a Single Step
    Flip View Flip the View of Enemy Upside Down
    Rematch Go Back in Time and Rematch Enemy
    Zoom Use Scope on Any Weapon


    Extra Damage Cause Extra Damage
    Long Jump Jump in Great Leaps
    Physpush Push Enemy Back
    Leech Leeching
    AK/AWP Start with AK or AWP


    Flickering Shadows Appear Invisible from Afar
    Adrenaline Speed
    Scout Extra Scout Damage
    Levitation Gravity 30-60% for Long Jumping in Anti-Gravity
    Complete Invisibility Invisible When Not Moving


    Flickering Shadows Appear Invisible from Afar
    Adrenaline Speed
    Blade Extra Knife Damage
    Levitation Gravity 30-60% for Long Jumping in Anti-Gravity
    Complete Invisibility Invisible When Not Moving

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    er waste of time in my opinion but at least we don't have to go in-game to look at the skills

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    I am dying you bastard... I am using up all the time I can before it it taken from me....

    But, thank you!


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